As well as Technijet-branded cleaning machinery, the company offers a wide range from other manufacturers and Karcher products in particular. Technijet is the leading authorised Karcher Centre in the northwest, serving an area from Manchester to the Scottish borders.

Technijet mobile

Technijet’s website was outdated, so Beyond was invited to propose ideas for a new website which would garner more interest and more enquiries. We studied where Technjet’s offer is strong, and were they have appealing advantages and benefits to customers. We brought these to the fore in the website.

Technijet website

“We have had dealings with Beyond for several years now. They are a great team to work with. They get to the bottom of understanding our technologies, and then create clever and creative solutions to get the ideas across clearly.

Recently, we discussed an all-new e-commerce website with Beyond, for our Karcher Centre and for other pressure washers we offer, including our own products. In the end, we decided that it best suited our business model not to include the e-commerce function, although this is well within Beyond’s capabilities. Beyond were able to navigate our own ideas and incorporate them well and deliver the website live and fully functional within 6 weeks.”

“They really did go Beyond the call of duty!”

David MacFarlane, Managing Director, Technijet Ltd


Working closely with Technijet, we provide a range of marketing communications. These have included:

  • Logo development and branding
  • Website
  • Product graphics

Technijet continues on its mission. The latest addition to the company’s own designed and built product range is this bad boy, the SB720. It’s a big boy too, much larger than it looks in this image.
This one is now installed at North West Ambulance Service in Penrith, and helps keep their ambulances clean and shiny. Beyond designed and supplied the graphics.




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