Our relationship with Trutex began nearly two decades ago. Since then, we have worked together closely looking after their brand image both in the UK and overseas.

Welcome to Trutex

Trutex has long been a staple part of the UK’s school pupils wardrobe, however up until a few years ago, the company only sold directly to independent retailers and schools. Trutex asked Beyond to help them rebrand to widen their market to consumers. For the new identity, we took the company’s original logo castle motif and simplified it to represent Trutex’s heritage and their location near Clitheroe Castle in Lancashire. With a timeless feel and authentic simplicity, the castle icon conveys strength and longevity – built to last, just as a Trutex uniform is ‘Made to Last’ Rowena Allen, Marketing Director, Trutex.

Trutex logos
Trutex logo

We have a vast and varied body of work we have done for Trutex over the years, from product packaging to social media campaigns, in-store point of sale to children’s activity packs filled with fun things to do and puzzles. Here’s is just a short list of the work we have undertaken:

  • Logo development and branding

  • Video production

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Social media post imagery

  • Store signage & graphics

  • Product brochures

  • Print & design for independent retailers

Trutex 150 years

“The Beyond provide a fantastic service to Trutex, we can rely on them for quality creative input and design work, often at short notice. We experience consistently good quality and they are a fantastic team to work with.”

Easy size tool

Recently we have been working with Trutex to promote their sustainability campaign: ‘Nurture the Future’. Trutex takes its corporate responsibility seriously, conducting its business to high moral and ethical standards is a core part of their business strategy. They were the first UK schoolwear supplier to become Carbon Neutral. This ethos is also reflected in their school uniforms – their core products, blazers, trousers and skirts are made from 100% recycled fabric – which saves 14 million plastic bottles from going to landfill every year.

Eco Social Posts

Part of our brief was to create the name and identity for the campaign, and to create their first corporate social responsibility report. The digital downloadable report covers Trutex’s Ethical Initiative, Innovative Sustainability and their Climate Responsibility.

Nurture the Future

Every year, Trutex asks us to produce a themed Activity Pack for Trutex to send out to schools and have a downloadable version available on the company’s website. Working together, we create the activity ideas then design and illustrate the packs. Filled with fun facts and lots of things to do, the packs go out to schools usually before the Easter holidays, perfect to keep little ones occupied on a rainy day.




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